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Can ginger really help reduce nausea during pregnancy?

70-80% of expecting Mamas frequently experience nausea or vomiting or both during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Can ginger really help? 

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Why work with a dietitian during pregnancy?

Research shows that a better diet quality during pregnancy has positive effects on the health of your future child plus there are benefits for you to mama. Here are 6 reasons to work with a pregnancy dietitian.

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3 ways your plant-based diet is hurting your fertility

Skipping grains? Trying to conceive with low levels of vitamin D? Your plant-based diet may not be adequate enough to support healthy eggs and ovulation. 

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Is a plant-based pregnancy safe and healthy?

Wondering if you need to add in eggs and dairy to grow a healthy baby now that you are pregnant? A plant-based diet can be safe and healthy as long as its...

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Is hummus safe to eat during pregnancy? 

Hummus means chickpeas in Arabic with historians describing a very similar dish to what we eat today being consumed in Cairo in the 13th Century. It contains chickpeas, tahini, lemon and salt but is it safe for pregnancy?

I'm a Certified Fertility and Pregnancy Dietitian with a very special interest in plant-based diets, soy-lattes and easy throw-together cooking.

Through the Plantful Pregnancy Plate Method I help plant-based women, just like you,

Eat with confidence and swap outdated nutrition advice for easy-to-digest answers, the sounding board you crave and a roadmap to navigate pregnancy with ease…all so that you can feel and be the best plant-based Mama you can be. 

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