1st Trimester Guide & Checklist


Mama, you don’t need to suffer in silence. Throw the Google searches into the trash and gives yourself and your little family peace of mind that you’re getting all the essentials to grow a healthy bub on a plant-based diet.

Congratulations! You’re expecting. The first trimester can be a rough time but you're not alone!

The first trimester can be a little bit touch and go but this is the perfect time to make sure you’re getting everything you need and nothing you don’t. This guide & checklist will give you the confidence to grow a healthy baby exclusively, or predominately on plants. It's easy to build your pregnancy plate (even when you're feeling nauseous) when you have this framework.

Perfect for:

Vegan and Vegetarian Mamas between 0 – 12 weeks gestation

What to expect?
  • Everyday foods to enjoy each day focused on essential nutrients needed in the 1st 12 weeks
  • Supplements to prioritise and how to prevent over supplementing
  • Essential nutrient toolbox (why it’s essential, how it supports bubs development, where to find it in plant foods and vegetarian sources, exact amounts you may need, amounts to avoid during pregnancy)
  • Easy partner proof method to build your pregnancy plate in trimester 1 (perfect to print and pop on the fridge)
  • Snack boosters designed to add nourishment quick and easy options you’re probably already nibbling on
  • 7-day example menu complete with a grocery list 
Plus BONUS ‘At-home Remedies for Morning Sickness’ with:
  • Common causes of morning sickness (really it's... 'all day sickness' for some)
  • Common food and environmental triggers
  • 10+ at-home nutrition remedies to start today
  • Hydrating recipes for Mum and Bub
  • A food diary to identify your food triggers
  • 7-day emergency menu complete with easy 'partner-proof recipes' and grocery list
Are there quick & easy recipes included?

Yes, the 7-day example menu and emergency menu contain recipes and a shopping list plus this know exactly how to build a balanced pregnancy plate without the need for complex recipes. 

What about when I feel nauseous?

You’ve covered! The snack boosters provide easy ways to turn plain toast into a balanced meal without having to cook or eat large portions plus inside expect a nausea specific checklist on what to eat even when you’re feeling really sick and a 7-day emergency menu.

Really struggling with nausea and vomiting?

No need to suffer in silence. Swipe the 'At home remedies for ‘morning sickness’ during pregnancy guide.

Want to save time working out which prenatal supplement is the best choice for you?

Don't guess or buy off the shelf. Email to learn more about getting Your Very Personalised Own Nutrient Roadmap.

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