2nd Trimester Guide & Checklist


Moving into the 2nd trimester can start to feel like a breath of fresh air. Often nausea starts to subside but now is the time to start upping your food intake. It’s not so much eating for two but rather nourishment for two. Want to know how exactly? Get the guide!

You’ve made it to the next stage of pregnancy. Often Mamas feel like they can breathe again as a weight has been lifted and of course telling friends and the fam means that you can finally celebrate this achievement as your belly starts to grow. As your little chickpea starts to develop muscles, little flutters might start to make an appearance. Calcium amongst other nutrients are key during this growing phase.

Perfect for:

Vegan and Vegetarian Mamas between 13 – 24 weeks gestation

What to expect:

Everything that is in the 1st-trimester guide but tailored to trimester 2 including essential nutrient toolbox (why it’s essential, how it supports bubs development, where to find it in plant foods and vegetarian sources, exact amounts you may need, amounts to avoid during pregnancy) 


  • Everyday foods to enjoy each day focused on essential nutrients needed in the 2nd 12 weeks such as iron and calcium
  • What to eat to boost iron intake and absorption?
  • What to look for in probiotics
  • Easy partner proof method to build your pregnancy plate in trimester 2 as your energy requirements start to increase (perfect to print and pop on the fridge)
  • Snack plate examples
  • 7-day example menu complete with a grocery list
Are there quick & easy recipes included?

Inside this guide, find the tools and resources you need to build a balanced pregnancy plate without the need for complex recipes. 

Still not feeling any better?

Struggling with nausea and vomiting? No need to suffer in silence. Swipe the 'At home remedies for morning sickness during pregnancy or get in contact!

Really struggling with nausea and vomiting?

No need to suffer in silence. Swipe the 'At home remedies for ‘morning sickness’ during pregnancy guide.

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Don't guess or buy off the shelf. Email to learn more about getting Your Very Personalised Own Nutrient Roadmap.

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