Boosting Energy During Pregnancy


At any point throughout your 40 weeks, you might be hit with fatigue. The first and last trimesters are especially challenging and although normal, nutrition can play a very big role and can make all the difference to boost your energy levels.

Ready to find out what’s causing most of your fatigue, Mama? The causes are varied but just like morning sickness, every Mama is different but that doesn’t mean you do nothing. From misinformation to low blood sugars (not eating enough) this guide covers the four most common causes, what the science say and nutrition strategies you can implement from the comfort of your couch (let’s be real...bed) without the need for fancy plant ingredients or expensive supplements.

Not sure how your requirements change as your belly grows? Find a checklist for your stage of pregnancy.

Want to save time working out which prenatal supplement is the right choice for you?

Know you are feeling overwhelmed and this is contributing to stress and anxiety in your pregnancy? Another guide is probably not the answer. Instead you need personalised nutrition strategies that really mean you can put your feel up and not have to worry about getting enough of the essentials to grow a healthy bub. Sound familiar? Email to schedule a call to learn more about our VIP Elevate Program.

What to expect
The 4 most common causes of fatigue during pregnancy
Nutrition strategies to reduce dehydration
Identifying if MTHFR is the cause and what to do about it

For Mamas
Vegan and Vegetarian Mamas feeling tired, overwhelmed and needing naps all day long

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