Planning a plant-based pregnancy in 2023? 

Get your afternoons back with a tailored supplement plan

Are you wasting time and money trying to work out which is the best prenatal? Are you happy with your diet and just need a little guidance on which fertility and/or pregnancy supplement is best for you? Receive a personalised prenatal supplement plan complete with 20% off practitioner only supplements.

Feel confident each step of your plant-based pregnancy journey when you work with Bec.

Receive tailored nutrition support complete your very own Plant-based Pregnancy Nutrition Roadmap customised, tweaked and adjusted to suit you, your diet, lifestyle and fertility and pregnancy goals. 

Here's how it works

I'm a Certified Fertility and Pregnancy Dietitian with a very special interest in plant-based diets, soy-lattes and easy throw-together cooking.

Through the Plantful Pregnancy Plate Method I help plant-based women, just like you,

Eat with confidence and swap outdated nutrition advice for easy-to-digest answers, the sounding board you crave and a roadmap to navigate pregnancy with ease…all so that you can feel and be the best plant-based Mama you can be. 

Hey Mama, I'm Bec! 


Choose a time sooner rather than later to get started

  • A comprehensive review of your most recent blood tests and current supplements, protein powders, plus diet and lifestyle factors that could be adding vitamins and minerals to your diet

  • A fully customised and tailored supplement plan from me an Accredited Practising Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Fertility and Pregnancy Dietitian 

  • A daily schedule with the recommended supplement, dose, and best timing to boost nutrient absorption. Plus, if we are correcting a deficiency your supplement plan will also include when to start and stop supplements and to re-test your bloods

  • 20% off high quality, practitioner only supplements that have been third part tested delivered directly to your door through 

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What to expect: