Because it's Good for Mum, Bub and the Planet.

I help you confidently eat plant-based during pregnancy without overwhelm

Together I am here to help you lay the foundation to nurture new life with a diet that is good for Mum, bub and the planet. 

I'm for busy women who worry that their plant-based diet isn’t enough to get pregnant and grow a healthy baby.

I'm Bec - Expert Fertility and Pregnancy Dietitian here to help you eat plant-based with confidence throughout your journey to mamahood. I went plant-based 5 years ago to reduce my impact on the planet so the next generation would inherit a kind and sustainable planet.

Whether it's for the animals, our own health, the environment or all three, eating predominately or exclusively plant-based during pregnancy is often met with recommendations to eat animal foods to meet your protein and iron needs but the truth is you don't need to eat foods that don't align to your values as long as you know how to build a balanced plate to meet your unique nutrient needs as your baby and belly grow.

If you answered yes, let me introduce myself. 

Plant-based Pregnancy Foundations Short Course


7 tweaks to get you pregnant naturally in 12 weeks


So, you already know that a plant-based diet can be a safe and a healthy choice across the entire lifespan...

Unfortunately most women and couples that are struggling to conceive naturally make the heartbreaking mistake of thinking that because they already eat pretty healthy and that making changes to their diet won't help them get pregnant.

Download the 7 tweaks you need to make to your plant-based diet to help you get pregnant naturally and boost your fertility by 69% so you can get pregnant, stay pregnant and stay plant-based.

sarah getman

I was pretty overwhelmed with what supplements to take during my first pregnancy as a vegan. I did a supplement review with Bec and felt 100% better afterward. Now I feel comfortable and confident that my baby is getting
the right amount of nutrients!


From the moment I came across Plantful Pregnancy on Instagram, I knew I was in good hands. Bec's insightful and informational approach to nutrition has helped set
me up for this exciting journey ahead and I'm grateful for my tailored roadmap to join me!


[Working with Bec] gave my partner confidence to enjoy her pregnancy. Whether you are vegan or plant based,
definitely worth the investment!

tatuna gverdtsiteli

Bec's program is really helpful for Vegan parents and

 It gives you more confident in your choices and
offers feedback on your whole plate and supplements.
There are good cheatsheets and organised info in
addition to videos. It's a good program and worth trying.


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