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Pregnancy is a miraculous… rollercoaster!

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant through the ups and downs of the so-called pregnancy ‘glow’, bundled moments of irritability and complete bliss, sleepless nights, and pickled ice-cream cravings… there is enough to deal with without having to worry about getting enough protein, iron, choline (the list goes on).

No you’re not crazy! And yes plants are safe and nutritious to eat during pregnancy.

So much so that a well-planned vegan and vegetarian diet is safe, healthful and can meet the needs of your growing baby as long as you know how and you’re not trying to be a #supermum.

Feel confident eating right to grow a healthy baby with very own nutrition roadmap, partner-proof recipes and done-for-you checklists!

“Hey Bec, I’m ready to…”

Discover if what I’m eating is right to meet the needs of a growing baby

Feel nourished & know exactly how to get all the essential before starting a family

Be confident I’m eating right while navigating nausea & endless naps


Behind Plantful

Hey, I’m Bec,

Your soy* latte-drinking, nature loving Plant-based Pregnancy Dietitian Nutritionist, here to help you get all the essential nutrients to grow a healthy baby during your vegan pregnancy or vegetarian pregnancy. 

Whether you’re exclusively plant-based, predominately plant-based or a little bit here-nor-there, you can grow a healthy baby without animal foods or eating perfectly.

Seriously. It’s not the eggs that you need but rather that protein, choline and omega 3’s for healthy development.

So, my job is to show you how to eat to nourish you and your baby and have the best nutrition during pregnancy.

Because after seeing a close friend of mine change her diet to include more plants during IVF and achieve a successful pregnancy, I witnessed the confusion and self-doubt she felt after the exact dietary changes that helped her get pregnant….were supposedly no longer safe for her growing baby.

She was gobsmacked and truth me told, so was I!

I founded Plantful Pregnancy to make sure women or couples alike never doubt there decision to eat plant-based in the lead up to and during pregnancy.

*Unsure of soy? Don’t be! It’s a great source of protein and choline!

The Podcast

Plantful – The Podcast

Each weekly episode is a bundle of easy-to-digest science plus tangible, practical and no-BS strategies to elevate your health in preparation for pregnancy, during pregnancy and beyond!

Plantful Pregnancy

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