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One pregnancy at a time, I empower plant-based women to have healthy pregnancies without costing the Earth. 

Just like seeds need healthy, nutritious soil to sprout, a plant-based diet can be the healthy foundation for you and baby to grow bloom.

I believe–

Together I am here to help you lay the foundation to nurture new life with a diet that is good for Mum, bub and the planet. 

Certified Fertility and Pregnancy Dietitian, pasta lover and 3rd generation cook...

For busy women who worry that their plant-based diet isn’t enough to get pregnant and grow a healthy baby.

No doubt. No compromise. No judgement.

No doubt.
No compromise. No judgement.

It's uncomplicated fertility + pregnancy nutrition sowed with zero nasties

Plant-based Mistakes Hurting Your Fertility

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Struggling to conceive and wondering if your plant-based diet could be hurting your fertility?

Join this free masterclass for a 3-part deep dive into the mistakes hurting your fertility, the role of nutrition in egg and sperm quality and pregnancy loss as well as the 4 step framework required to get pregnant, stay pregnant and stay plant-based.

A meal planning membership to nourish you and your baby. Expect easy meal plans delivered weekly to help Mama and baby, bloom plus your virtual village to share, connect and grow with women on a similar journey.

A 12 week meal planning membership for expecting plant-based mamas

Bump + Bloom

sarah getman

I was pretty overwhelmed with what supplements to take during my first pregnancy as a vegan. I did a supplement review with Bec and felt 100% better afterward. Now I feel comfortable and confident that my baby is getting
the right amount of nutrients!


From the moment I came across Plantful Pregnancy on Instagram, I knew I was in good hands. Bec's insightful and informational approach to nutrition has helped set
me up for this exciting journey ahead and I'm grateful for my tailored roadmap to join me!


[Working with Bec] gave my partner confidence to enjoy her pregnancy. Whether you are vegan or plant based,
definitely worth the investment!

tatuna gverdtsiteli

Bec's program is really helpful for Vegan parents and

 It gives you more confident in your choices and
offers feedback on your whole plate and supplements.
There are good cheatsheets and organised info in
addition to videos. It's a good program and worth trying.


Unlock 7 unexpected ways your plant-based diet needs to change to meet your nutrient needs when pregnant.

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A secret podcast episode that will help you turn confusion into confidence by unlocking the 3 biggest mistakes causing overwhelm in your plant-based pregnancy and key ingredients you need to eat with confidence throughout your plant-based pregnancy. 

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