7 dietitian-secrets to help you get pregnant naturally 

— without wasting thousands on supplements or eating foods that don’t align to your values

*even if you eat healthy and/or a plant-based diet*


Because it's Good for Mum, Bub and the planet.

confidently eat plant-based during pregnancy without overwhelm.

I help you 

No meat, eggs and/or dairy necessary!

get pregnant, stay pregnant & have the healthy pregnancy of your dreams

I help you 

If so and you answer YES to any of these...

Do you worry that your plant-based diet could be lacking key nutrients to grow a healthy baby?

  • You are pregnant (or thinking about trying for a baby) and have been told to add eggs or fish back in 

  • You are pregnant (or thinking about trying for a baby) and worried that you are missing a key nutrient that could hurt your baby

  • You're feel stuck overwhelmed and confused because you're using Google to answer your fertility & pregnancy questions

Together I am here to help you lay the foundation to nurture new life with a diet that is good for Mum, bub and the planet. 

I'm for busy women who worry that their plant-based diet isn’t enough to get pregnant and grow a healthy baby.

I'm Bec - Expert Fertility and Pregnancy Dietitian here to help you eat plant-based with confidence throughout your journey to mamahood. I went plant-based 5 years ago to reduce my impact on the planet so the next generation would inherit a kind and sustainable planet.

Whether it's for the animals, our own health, the environment or all three, eating predominately or exclusively plant-based during pregnancy is often met with recommendations to eat animal foods to meet your protein and iron needs but the truth is you don't need to eat foods that don't align to your values as long as you know how to build a balanced plate to meet your unique nutrient needs as your baby and belly grow.

If you answered yes, let me introduce myself. 


Here's how I can help you bring home a healthy baby in 2024

Plant-based Pregnancy Foundations
Self-Paced Program


7 tweaks to get YOU pregnant naturally in 12 weeks


Boost your fertility by 69% so you can get pregnant, stay pregnant and stay plant-based.